Unexpected De-tour(s).

Whenever you temporarily move to a new country, there is always a ton of paperwork to be done. So on Friday August 31st when we were informed that we would have to go apply for our alien registration cards, we expected to spend the majority of our day in a hot, stuffy office room. We […]


On Sunday, we decided to indulge in our inner child and venture out to the famous department store attraction-Lotte World. Located on the top floor of the Lotte Department store in Jamsil (잠실), Lotte World or Magic Land is an indoor AND outdoor theme park built not only for children but in my opinion people […]

Bustling Bright Town.

The good thing about living on the 4 line is that we have so many tourist districts easily accessible. Just two stops after DongDaeMun is what literally translates to “bright town”- MyeongDong (명동). Despite the slight drizzle, Myeongdong was bustling with tons of tourists eager to shop and experiment with Korean fashion. Similar to New […]

Metropolis Oasis.

When we got to Dongdaemun (동대문), we expected to see what we heard it was famous for- shopping centers and giant malls. Just three stops away from our university, Dongdaemun only took ten minutes to get to by subway. The weather, unlike the previous day, was certainly in our favor on that breezy, cool Wednesday. […]

Globe Trotting

  We anticipated this moment to arrive ever since our junior year of high school. We are now juniors in college. Yes, that is exactly how long we’ve been wanting to study abroad in Seoul. After countless moments of disappointment where one year we didn’t have enough credits or another when we didn’t finish our […]

Just a few more days..

Everything is set. I got my VISA, my passport, my ticket, and my guidebook. Just a few more days and I’m going to be there.                                                                                내가 간다.